Kumiko for commercial facilities

Delicate, detailed, and yet comforting wooden designs.
Kumiko joiners are very much suited for designing commercial facilities that wish to offer their customers a luxurious experience.
The simple and modern patterns of traditional Kumiko matches not only traditional Japanese restaurants and Ryokan- Inns that cherish the Japanese cultural atmosphere, but cafes and hotels as well.
We have traditional and original Kumiko designs to match the needs of your store's concept, store design, or the designer's plans.


Charbroiled Eel restaurant Kitagawa (Yokkaichi, Mie)

Original design [Mt. Fuji and Nageami]

The sophisticated Sukiya-Zukuri style store design was decorated with a kake-shoji(hanging paper window) with simple, yet impressive large patterns.The motifs are Mt.Fuji and a casting net. Mt.Fuji's shape, widening towards the end, is a symbol of increasing fortune and success. The nets are associated with fishing, since the restaurant's specials are eels. They are a original design wishing the business a success.

Original design [Korin]

The paper wall muntin is our original design “Korin made with techniques of goko-gumi, which was created by the president of Sashikan, Yukio Kuroda.The pattern resembles halos, and was made with wishes of the store's success on their business.

Kumiko for commercial facilities

  • Kakuasanoha Asanoha(hemp leaf) are said to protect us from evil, and is used as a good luck charm.Kakuasanoha expresses the hemp pattern with a combination of triangle shapes. For more details, check here

  • shokkoShokko is a river which was seen in Han, an ancient Chinese country that built the era of the Three Kingdoms alongside with Wei, and Wu.
    The octagonal and square shapes are used as a traditionally noble pattern.
    For more details, check here

  • Kagome Kogame is mesh patterns of baskets weaved with bamboo strings or consecutive check pattern.
    Consecutive mesh or basket pattern is said to have a power against evil.
    For more details, check here

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